DopeTunez Discography

Release 01 - KeAdO_Tranople
stream@ radio
tracks 1- 8 untitled / including 2 extra bonus tracks. in collaboration with dingo_ruzank.
Keado's music is constantly exploratory and ground breaking. His nonstandard eclecticism pushes the envelope on down tempo IDM. The listener must be weary as his compositions always tend to swerve and deviate from the obvious course.

Realease 02 - VA Dopetunez
stream @ radio
1. n0ne_floating
2. Jst0rm_audioapz
3. bmix_(d)mix_(mix2)
4. clatter_sunny
5. KeAdO_brain shakin
6. dingo-ruzank_new roarek
chill/relax/hardhittin all in one, this release feature some of our best new artists.. and longtime collaborators. in stores in selected cities as of now.